Water is life.

The People’s Water Project is a group of organizers, researchers, lawyers, advocates and community members working together to combat water inequities and fight for bold, reparative changes that challenge corporate power and address issues of water affordability and accessibility, water quality and water privatization in low income and BIPOC communities.

Together we can build a movement for water justice where our water infrastructure is fully funded through our government, where our water is truly affordable, and where the water we drink is free from dangerous contaminants. But, in order to truly reach that vision we need you.

-People’s Water Project

What Are We Fighting For

Water As A Public Good

The privatization of water systems transfers public ownership to profit driven entities responsible to their shareholders, and leaves the public out to dry.

Water Accessibility & Affordability

The lack of meaningful water affordability disproportionately impacts low income communities, Black, and Brown communities.

Water Quality

Safe water is not available to all communities throughout the country. Contaminated water can lead to extreme health effects.

Achieving Our Vision

The WATER Act would dedicate $35 billion each year to grant programs and to the Drinking Water and Clean Water State Revolving Fund (SRF) programs. This funding would support rural and small municipalities, Indigenous communities, and low-income communities with improving their water and wastewater systems.

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